1. Reasons for slow*server*analysis:
If your site traffic is very small, so you can choose to rent space, need big machine wide support on you for such a big traffic station, and large flow, traces of various browsers, spiders, operation, will increase a lot, IIS access log is known to all, around 500 MB package automatically every day in the default disk C. Just the iis log file gives rise to 500 m, so you can imagine other operations will be bigger, and we will not pay attention to the daily which is the fatal damage, the normal site every day 1 w traffic IP page of 1-10 w spider left traces in iis log and probably junk files is about 2.5 GB. Now the default C disk installed by the server is a 35GB partition. The card has started in 10 days.
2. Daily maintenance of the*server*to ensure the safety of the server
Above has been let out of the analysis, the problem of slow server now to deal with these complex log, and trace the problem, some friends said that I used the 360 a week I have a clean up some of the junk files, 360 browser don‘t clean up the server the trace files, manual cleaning, daily maintenance steps, open IIS manager information, choose right attributes into the senior management of your website, choose to open the log folder, all the information inside the delete all, pay attention to, delete the web site is a good idea to stop running for 1 to 2 minutes, so as to avoid mistakes.