A great advantage of Shop by Look for Magento 2 is that you can create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload. Look-book offers a Pinning option for every image, i.e you can pin different images for products/ items onto the main image, which ultimately envisages a comprehensive look and feel for the whole set of product as well as the individual items taking up that set. Based on its function, your website become more aesthetic with the interactive displays and boost your sales.

For customers, this function helps them to imagine how exactly the purchase will fit their lifestyle and surroundings. The customers can either purchase the entire look from this page or they can even choose to purchase individual products according to their requirements. Besides, your customers also can access and choose information like name, size, price, quantity, etc. from this portal. Such a facility makes it user-friendly and the customers of your website can have a convenient shopping experience.

Let’s see how Lookbook for Magento can make your website more aesthetic: https://www.magesolution.com/lookboo...magento-2.html
lookbook magento 2.jpg