Duecoin is a coin that is fully decentralized with secured digital currency. It is controlled by cryptography. Unlike our traditional currencies, Duecoin is neither issued by the central bank nor is its value dependent on the policies of banks. Another distinctive feature of the Duecoin with traditional currency is that it is purely based on supply and demand. The Duecoin exchange in few weeks’ time will be coming into the market offering great benefits. Though the presale of its token is completed, you can still have the opportunity of joining this winning team by mining or transacting within the Duecoin marketplace. Duecoin has gone through various changes such as

• Analyzing other cryptocurrencies strengths
• Identifying profitability
• Selecting the finest technology
• Setting up an application
• Assessing and addressing the challenges within other cryptocurrencies
• The creation of the Duecoin

Why Duecoin?

There are many reasons why many are considering Duecoin over other coins. Some of these reasons include:

• Security: Duecoins take advantage of the 256hash security. Throughout the world, the 256hash security is one of the most secured hashes you will find anywhere.
• Nominal Fees: There is nothing like intermediary when using Duecoin. It enables one to transact for a fraction of the cost, which would have been incurred if using our fiat currency.
• Anonymity: Your details or personal profile is secured when transacting in Duecoin.
• Appreciating Value: With Duecoin, you can yield potential commissions while holding massive opportunity.

What are the opportunities of Duecoin?

Duecoin comes with different opportunities for its investors, which include

• Purchase: With the Duecoin, you can gain value faster, offering great potential price fluctuations.
• Accept: You can accept Duecoin as a means of payment from friends, family or in your store.
• Earn: By using Duecoin, you are afforded the opportunity of earning commissions if you are a long-term Duecoin holder. You can also validate transactions within the Duecoin network.
• Mine: If you are an experienced miner, you can take advantage of the powerful computer equipment to mine Duecoins without stress.

The future of Duecoin

The Duecoin was created to be fully decentralized both in its ownership and in technical aspects. This makes funding open to the cryptocurrency public, thereby providing accountability and ownership to the community. Duecoin will be propagated and proven where prospective ICOs marketplace will work through a decentralized market.

Besides this, interested buyers will be given the opportunity of participating in a community-driven marketplace. A marketplace that is free from any transfer restrictions or any form of costs associated with our current model. The Duecoin marketplace is a safer place for buyers, which will be guided by strong principles.

Through Duecoin, there will be

• Peer-to-Peer Transactions – Peers without any expenses or complicated systems will carry out swift exchanges through Duecoin.
• Retail Marketplace – There are already pending merchants making the retail of Duecoins friendly. You can also use it in a store in front of you.
• Online Marketplace – The days when people made use of insecure wallets and credit cards are over. Duecoin will enable merchants to receive instant payments in a secure way.
• Physical ATMs – Like bitcoin, Duecoin will be among other cryptocurrencies accessible through physical ATMs.

Finally, the Duecoin team is consistently looking out for new technologies on the market while adapting the future goals of Duecoin accordingly. Duecoin Cryptocurrency - The Future is Now