When you add new products to your Magento store, it would be useful for your site if the product information is sent to the customers who have subscribed to your product categories before. Owing to the subscription option, customers will receive new product information without visiting your site and if they are interested in your products they can go to your site again and buy them. It is believed to be a good solution to keep your customers updated and get more profit
Free Magento Category Alert is a good utility for your site, Magento extension will help you to increase interaction between customers and your store by automatically sending new product information to the customers via email.
Front end and subscription
Show Subscription section in each category
Customers can subscribe to any categories they want
Customers can login to their account to remove the categories they don't want to get updated with new products
When new products are added to the categories of your store, the new products information will be automatically sent to subscribers on those categories
Admin panel functions
Admin can setup cron job to send email in back-end
Admin can update text title and text description for tool tip to show on Subcription section at front end
Admin can create different mail templates for different categories, or create one mail template for all categories
The list of new products will be added to mail template when being sent to customer
Other features
100% open source and easy to install, configure
HTML/ CSS and W3C validation