Hello everyone,
I have 4 years old e-commerce website. My website was sitting pretty at the top of the rankings in google but last year dropped like a stone by google . I've checked Google webmaster tools for warning and have not received any notifications about unnatural links to the site. My Competitors are getting full advantage of that. My sales are just dropped by 50% due to lack of traffic audience. There was a time when my daily average traffic was 600 visitors per day approx but now i have only 100 visitors per day (excluding ad traffic). With the help of ad campaigns like google, amazon, facebook etc i am getting 200 visitors average per day now. 80% sudden drop in organic traffic is not being usual for a 8 years old website after a good 7 years period.
I have tried almost everything like redesigned my complete website, Seo techniques, article, blogs,forum , press releases, ad campaign but nothing works.

Now my question is, Will my website ever get back to normal, If possible then how!

I don't know what's happening, Can anyone please help?