Hello guys, SEO is never ending competition. If you have no idea or time to do SEO for your site or blog, hiring an SEO specialist is a good idea. There are quality SEO specialists you can find. So, before hiring one, choose some of them based on your own good perception towards them. Then, you will need to consider the following;

1. Ask the SEO specialist to tell you how they do and what they do in SEO optimizing.
2. Things they need to perform the SEO efforts.
3. If they make some accounts on other sites to do some optimizations, ask whether or not you'll have the control over the accounts.
4. Ask about what certain types of efforts spammers are doing SEO, and you need to know to about how spammers doing SEO.
5. Will they return the investment in case they fail to achieve the assigned target?
6. Ask about the way you can communicate to them directly.
7. Ask about if they do link building, whether or not they remove the links if the SEO service contract has been finished.
8. Ask about their portfolio and who their clients are.

After you get the answers, compare which is among the that suits your local SEO requirements.