India is formally known all over as the land of spices and why not every state in India has a taste of her own. And each is famous for it. The Malabar Biriyani is famous for its finger licking tast that lasts in your tongue to give you innate foodgasms. Butter Chicken is a must for anyone who is travelling in Delhi. The famous Rajasthani Thali. Street foods in Mumbai and he list just goes on. For such a country with such wide variety in food definitely will need an exposure in Food exhibitions right!
India is said to be the second largest producers of food in the world after China. Many of India’s leading food processing and retailing companies believe that India is an investment destination and has a large opportunity in its food economy. Food exhibitions like the World Food India to be held from 3rd to 5th November 2017 in Delhi is an opportunity for the country to spread its culture through food across the world and also for the word to know more about not only the famous Indian recopies but also the little known yet tasty Indian dishes spread across the country.
The world’s interest in India has risen considerably and showcasing ourselves at an industry where in we rule second in the world is not only an opportunity but also a reason of multi-million dollar investments in the country and also gives high hopes for international collaborations.
Through such world food expos we can create an opportunity to discover food markets, opportunities and growth for the food processing market in the country.