Every company has their own style book which is followed while writing a report. There are a few basic objectives that a brief should clarify. There are no hard and fat rules about writing brief but you can always consider a few elements while writing down your conference brief. A conference report can be written both before and after the conference.
Before the conference, a conference brief will contain the following in it.
Agenda of the “conference organizers”
While preparing a conference brief before the event it will contain the main agenda of the conference. What is the conference about, whom is it being held for, who all are the possible guests for the conference, who all should be invited for the event etc. It is important to have a clear picture about what the conference is about. See that you give a brief about the agenda and what all are the possible topics which will be discussed at the conference and by whom.
The guest list will also be included in this brief. Who all are the guests invited for the conference, a check list of the guests who have agreed to take part in the conference, the guests who are yet to RSVP for the conference etc. The guest list will give us a picture about the expected number of people and if we you have missed out on anyone you could add them to the list as well.
When you conduct a conference, nothing can go smoothly unless you allot a particular budget for the programme. In your pre conference brief you must not forget to mention the budget allotted for the conference and what is the revenue for the same. How much was spend on the different aspects f the conference including the venue and other amenities etc.
And while we are at it we cannot overlook the whole planning of the event. In your pre conference brief you ought to mention about the whole plan of the conference, the venue, who takes care of what part of the conference and a brief idea about how the whole programme is going to take place.
Other things to keep in mind when you prepare a conference brief are:
Check whether it fulfils the objective to communicate.
While writing a brief, it is very important that you see to it that the points that you wish to communicate to your reader is specific and clear in your brief. See to it that your ideas are conveyed clearly in your brief. When it comes to a conference brief, you must see to it that the whole agenda of your conference is covered clearly in your brief.
Your target audience
Writing for your reader is very important. If you cannot convey your idea to your reader writing is of no use. Care must be taken when you write your conference brief because if it does not reach your target audience the whole point of writing a brief itself is a waste of time.
Create an outline
Making an outline based on the agenda of the conference and working through it is the best way you could write a conference brief. When you have your agenda right in front of you it becomes easy for you to write down everything without missing a single point. Keep in mind to refer the outline when you are writing the brief. See that you have all the sufficient details required to write your detailed brief in “Mice companies” . This will make the whole process of writing the brief even better.
Write it on time
The best time to write a conference brief is usually after the conference is done. Firstly, because, whatever happened at the conference management will be steady in your mind and you need not wonder much about jotting down what happened?
Check list of guests
During the event make sure that you keep a check on all the guests who come in. This will help in filing the brief after the event. It would be even easier if you know the guests who are supposed to attend the meeting. This will help you to check list the guests who enter.
A conference brief both pre conference brief and post conference brief is an excellent way to keep track of your event and give you an idea about how much you have done and how much more you need to do.