Setting a goal or target to cover during an Exhibition Stall Fabricator is helpful in many ways. To begin with, you will have an exact idea as to how many customers you need to attend and how much. Also setting a target will help you to analyse how much you have worked and how much you need to do more.
Other points to remember to make your stall interesting are mostly materialistic. For example, the type of stall you use for your exhibition. See that your stall suits the venue you are exhibiting in. If the venues is for a small exhibition see that your stall is of the appropriate sixe according to the venue. A big stall in a small exhibition is overkill and vice a versa.
Next is the design. See that your stall is in par with your competitors when it comes o the design. No one is interested in a clumsy stall. See that you use the resources well. Use the latest technology to keep your customers interested in what you are presenting them.