Logo doormats bear logos of companies and hence they are very useful for reputation and advertisement of companies who get prepared such doormats. Logo Indoor doormats and Logo outdoors door mats are manufactured on demand of companies. It is good if such doormats give good massage about health and environment. These doormats may contain messages like 'Keep Your Rooms Clean' , Use Me, Healthy Living, The Greatest Wealth is Health, Think Healthy thoughts, If Healthy, You Have Everything, Happiness is Good Health. Doormats of several types including Logo Doormats or Custom Doormats, and Welcome doormats are produced by Sangeeta Handlooms a door mats manufacturers Panipat, Haryana in India.
If you are a business company or running a shop/hospital/showroom etc then you could also get such doormats with your logos and messages be prepared from the manufacturer. This information is very useful for trading companies. You could choose designs of your doormats from the options given to you.