The CAT stands for Creative Ability Test, The test is conducted to view the illustration skills and color techniques of the candidate.


Understand the topic, allow ideas about the topic to settle in before you rush and do the first thing that comes to your mind. Think about how many different ways you can express the topic with colors, and work on the one you feel will be the most effective.

Execute your observational skills, try to capture with paint, pencil colors, shading pencils the things you have seen. Being observant and noticing details will yield desirable results in the CAT.

Dont take any risks, you might have a great idea but being unsure as to how to execute it might be a problem. Its ideal to play it safe and work with what you know best.

Dont copy anyone elses work, you may like the work of other candidates in the hall, but dont in any way try to replicate it. Do your best to retain individuality in your work, avoid anything mainstream.

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