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    How to Vape Safely: 12 Tips and Tricks

    Vaping has taken the world by storm with more and more people getting interested in it and buying their own vaping kits. While this can be a safer alternative than smoking, it comes with its own hazards.

    Discover these tips and tricks on how to vape safely so you can continue to enjoy your vaping experience.

    1Charge Your Device with the Manufacturerís Charger
    Although it might be tempting to charge your vape with any charger you have laying around, itís best to stick with your manufacturerís charger that came with the device. This will ensure that your charger is compatible with your vapeís battery. Also, donít leave your vape plugged in overnight, and follow any instructions that came with your kit.

    2Check Your Battery Quality
    Many vape devices and kits come with powerful lithium-ion batteries. They can also have specific batteries that youíre supposed to use with your device. You never want to use a cheap battery or one that isnít recommended with your device because this increases the likelihood of having problems. Itís also a good idea to do your own research and look for any product recalls or warnings associated with the battery you want to use.

    3Consider a Temperature-Controlled Mod
    One of the more modern options on many devices is a temperature control setting. Itís healthier as well because the higher temperatures allow several more chemical reactions to take place, and this can lead to an increase in how much formaldehyde is released when you vape. By setting a temperature, you can control how hot your coil gets, and this can reduce the number of chemical reactions that take place.

    4Keep Good Hydration Levels
    This tip is more common sense, but you may be surprised at how many people allow themselves to become dehydrated. If you vape, especially for long sessions, this can leave you feeling dehydrated. It takes away some moisture from your body, so you have to replace it by keeping your fluid intake levels up.

    5Treat Your E-Liquid with Care
    By itself, your e-liquid can be dangerous due to its chemical makeup. Nicotine is actually classified as a poison, and mishandling or improperly storing your e-liquid can lead to dangerous situations. When you handle your e-liquid, make sure that it doesnít soak into your skin and that youíre storing it at the proper temperatures.

    6Clean Your Battery Terminal
    Once every few weeks, take time to clean your modís battery terminal. This can help to improve how well your device performs because there isnít a layer of dust and debris between your battery and your device. You can gently clean it out with alcohol wipes until you donít see any residue.

    7Stop Dry Burning Your Coils
    Dry burning means that you press the fire button, but you donít have an e-liquid or a wick in place when you do so. A lot of vapers dry burn their coils to make sure that theyíre getting an even temperature distribution, but this can affect your deviceís metal structure. The temperatures can easily get up to 1,290įF or 700įC, and this isnít good for your modís durability.

    8Monitor Your Deviceís Heat
    Getting too hot can be hazardous for both you and your device. If you use your mod on a regular basis and you notice that itís getting very warm to the touch or too hot to hold onto, stop using it right away. Batteries tend to get very hot when you overwork them, and they can even explode or vent. Venting means that your battery is releasing dangerous fumes in an attempt to cool down.

    9Buy from Reputable Suppliers
    It might be tempting to buy your next mod from just anyone on the internet, but this is usually a bad or even dangerous idea. Theyíre low-cost options because a lot of them lack the built-in safety features that reputable companies have on their mods. Itís worth it to pay a little more to get a known brand from a reputable company.

    10Be Careful When Charging
    Your kit most likely came with a user manual, and this will outline the type of charging port you need to safely and effectively charge your modís battery. You donít want to stick it into any USB port or outlet available because this can have a negative impact on your modís life and the battery.

    11Donít Chase Clouds
    Yes, large plumes of vapor look extremely cool when youíre cloud chasing, but youíre also exposing yourself to more chemicals when you do this. If you find yourself going through a lot of e-liquid each day, take a look at how youíre vaping. Having wisps of vapor is safer than having large plumes because youíre not exposed to the same level of chemicals.

    12Watch for Faulty Mods

    Mods donít typically fail or cause an injury out of the blue. There are usually warning signs that come way before your mod fails. If you notice your mod glitching, getting too hot, or anything out of the ordinary, stop using it immediately. Itís always better to stop using it until you can find out whatís wrong and fix it or buy a new one than continuing to use a faulty one and increase your chances of an injury.

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    Re: How to Vape Safely: 12 Tips and Tricks

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    Re: How to Vape Safely: 12 Tips and Tricks

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