Srinag KA secured 15th rank in CEED 2017. He shares few tips for students who are appearing for the next CEED examination.


Perfect basics of sketching like human figures, automobiles and buildings. It will help immensely in the future. You could even watch YouTube tutorials to learn free hand sketching. Learn to present solutions for design problems,so that the examiner can know your thought process.

Refer to Arihant to learn better. Practising mock papers would help a lot too.

Part B:

It's important to show problem solving skills and ideation. While designing a product, its necessary to show your thought process even though the end product doesnt come out as expected. Your ideas should be communicated to the examiner. Start following design blogs to keep up with trends.

I think one of the most important things to do well in CEED is observing the environment and question them the way they are. Not only did I learn to find solutions for design problems, I learnt to present it better.

Talking to peers would help you gain fresh perspective. Solving mock papers and join online or crash courses if you dont know the basics.Try to be an all rounder in basics, only then its possible to do better in the future. Know the basics of photography,animation and photoshop as it will help for the portfolio and studio test.

Focus on communicating ideas and design solutions. It is okay if you compromise on your final product,but show your thought process to the examiner. Present it in such a way that a layman can read it.

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