Dental Implant Surgeon

Dr. Biju Thomas BDS, FFDRCS (Ireland), FICOI (USA), Consultant Oral and Maxillo - Facial Surgeon- Implantologist, painless dental implant treatment.

Dental treatment cost in India

Abroad Dentist for all types of dental implant problems and treatments, dental Implant Surgeon Dr. Biju Thomas. Scientific Dental Clinic for dental implant treatment, Dental Implants are an effective, secure and permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth. This clinic is one of the few clinics in India and probably in the world which predominantly focuses on dental implant treatment. Scientific Dental Implant Clinic gives world class dental implant treatment at a low cost, affordable dental implants in India. Scientific Dental Clinic offer replacement of missing teeth, bone grafts for dental implants, and complete painless dental implant treatment. Dental implant treatments for loose dentures, failing bridges, loose teeth due to gum infection, missing teeths, teeth replacement, bone grafting and sinus lift and etc,.

Benefits of Dental Implants

It can treat cases untreatable with conventional methods of dental bridges and dentures.
It prevents further shrinking of the jawbone following tooth loss.
It can perfectly restore chewing function.
It avoids cutting down and overloading the natural teeth occurring with conventional means of replacing tooth loss.
It helps to restore a patient’s self-esteem and confidence since it gives the feeling of regaining the real teeth.
It functions better than conventional dental bridges and dentures.
It gives superior aesthetic results