Non-condensable gases mixed with refrigerant can be extremely hazardous, increasing the pressure above normal vapour pressure. They can cause a cylinder to burst during filling or warming. In Australia, recovery and recycling of refrigerant at the end of its useful life using recovery and/or recycling equipment is mandatory. In New Zealand it is an offence under the Ozone Layer Protection Act 1996 to wilfully release an ozone depleting substance. To avoid mixing refrigerants that can be recycled or reused and to ensure that no recovery cylinder is over-filled, it is necessary to either use dedicated recovery equipment for each refrigerant or to ensure that only cylinders marked with the correct filling ratio are used, and that this filling ratio is not exceeded for the refrigerant being reclaimed. In smaller capacity systems using capillary expansion devices, or critical charge systems where pump down facilities are not provided, refrigerant cylinders will often be used as temporary receivers for all or part of the refrigerant charge.

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