I can’t remember where I first heard about globalwebworkers, but I put it on my list of services to try out, since the basic idea behind the website was intriguing to me. The basic idea is this: An “employer” (could be anyone like you and me – doesn’t need to be an actual employer) posts a task that needs to be completed. “Workers” accept the task, and if the task is completed in an acceptable manner, the “worker” is paid by the “employer.”Global Web Workers is giving a Sign up bonus of $0.5 and a referral bonus of $0.15. - Our Minimum Payout is $5. - Every time, when referrals' earning becomes $25, referrer will get a bonus of $1. - Global Web Workers is also giving a bonus of $5 to its employers for their first deposit. You can collect more information by going through the website - globalwebworkers.com