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    Holy hemp, cbd industry! It's everywhere but is it legal?

    Many states have taken steps to legalize marijuana, yet it remains illegal on a federal level. Even states that have not legalized marijuana are starting to see marijuana and CBD related business popping up. The CBD industry is thriving nationwide!

    Most Americans are starting to warm up to the idea of using products made from hemp plants for themselves and/or pets. A 2019 study found that about 64 million Americans have tried CBD (in some form) in the past 2 years.

    But is CBD illegal on a federal level like its cousin marijuana? What is the difference between CBD products and those made with THC?

    We will answer all your CBD related questions and much more! Keep reading to learn why everyone is talking about CBD.

    The short answer is... YES! But, there is a bit of grey area when it comes down to brass tacks. Only 47 states have legalized CBD to some extent, but it is not banned on a federal level.

    While it is true that the 2018 farm bill ended a long-standing ban on CBD, it must come from a hemp plant, not its cousin the marijuana plant. That is not to say that the CBD products are 100% THC free. The rule of thumb is the THC content must be below .3% (normal marijuana clocks in at 20% or higher).

    With that said, there is not much official effort to verify CBD products contain less than .3% THC. Since poor extraction leads to a higher THC content, be sure you are using a reliable source for your CBD products to be sure they are legal!

    Another point to note is that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not cleared CBD for use in foods and edible products. The good news is that the FDA claims they will hold a public hearing about CBD sometime soon!

    A common misconception is that CBD comes from the marijuana plant. While you can get CBD from a marijuana plant, it is most often extracted from the hemp plant (a cousin of the marijuana plant).

    Keep in mind, any CBD made from the marijuana plant is illegal because that species of plant is illegal. Any CBD derived from hemp is legal in the 47 states who have legalized it.

    The biggest difference between CBD and THC is how they react with the human endocannabinoid system. While CBD will give you some of the amazing benefits associated with using marijuana, it will not give you the buzzed feeling!

    Because it is way easier for companies to produce and sell CBD only products in the United States, the CBD market has exploded! Rolling Stone magazine reported predictions that the CBD market will skyrocket to $22 Billion by the year 2022.

    CBD products come in a variety of options and a wide range of potencies. Some CBD products glide onto the top of the skin like a lotion or salve for topical relief. Some people take CBD by mouth and there are even smokeable green buds that are CBD only strains!

    Some of the most popular CBD products on the market include:

    vape juices
    roll-on ointment
    nighttime syrup
    coffee/tea and other beverages
    bath bombs
    oral spray
    lotion/ body balm

    The variety of CBD products out there is staggering for some people. What do you even use some of these things for? CBD is a treatment for many ailments, and as more people experiment with it, more CBD uses will surface.

    Most people use CBD for pain, inability to sleep, and anxiety and most of those who use CBD say that it is very helpful in treating their problems. CBD studies have found that many of those who began to use CBD treatments were able to replace one or more of their prescription medications! Imagine the dent we could put in the opioid crisis if more people would switch to CBD for pain management.

    The FDA has approved one epilepsy drug called Epidiolex which comes from. To get approval, the drug company ordered extensive testing at a great cost to the company. Because of that, Epidiolex might cost patients up to $3000 a month!

    Ongoing studies are showing significant positive results for using CBD for nausea, chronic pain, muscle spasms (like for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis). On top of that, studies show promising evidence that CBD can help with sleep problems and debilitating pain from diseases like fibromyalgia.

    Does fido get anxious around fireworks or in thunderstorms? How about Ms. Kitty's panic attacks any time you take her to the vet? Many people are turning to CBD to help treat their pets too!

    Some veterinarians are recommending CBD for animals to treat many of the same ailments that we use it for in humans. The most common uses for CBD in animals are chronic pain, seizures, appetite stimulation, anti-anxiety, and even anti-cancer benefits.

    The best part is that you and your furry friends can use the same CBD oil. Doses will vary based on weight though, so check with your vet before giving your pets any CBD treatments.

    No matter if you have an ailment you need to treat or if you only want the calming effects, there's a CBD product for everyone! It's no mystery why the CBD industry has been exploding across the nation, even in states who have not legalized marijuana.

    The best part for those who are wary of the intoxicating effects of marijuana is that you still reap the health benefits of marijuana without the "high" feeling. Even avid marijuana smokers like to smoke CBD buds for a daytime smoke session that won't leave them stuck to the couch.

    We're here to be your CBD guide! If you have more questions about CBD or if you need some help choosing the right kind of CBD product for you, contact us today.

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    Re: Holy hemp, cbd industry! It's everywhere but is it legal?

    Some products are legal, some are not. Everything depends on the country and the specific of hemp goods. I had to forget about weed for some time, but cbd oil is absolutely legal and suits my oil cartridge vaporizer with imini vape battery perfectly.

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    Re: Holy hemp, cbd industry! It's everywhere but is it legal?

    thanks for sharing with us



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