Reprise Hosting is a provider of best value hosting services. We specialize in economical solutions for real-world hosting needs. We are pleased to announce our first offering of lease-to-own self-managed dedicated servers. Rent our servers for 12 months and you own the hardware. After 12 months, you can keep hosting with us or have it shipped elsewhere--it's your choice! This is a limited-time special offer that you'll seldom find offered anywhere else.

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RepriseLTO Special
» Dual quad-core Intel Xeon L5420 2.5Ghz processors
» 8GB DDR2 ECC registered memory
» 500GB SATA hard drive (HDD model varies, but either WD or Seagate)
» SuperMicro 1U chassis
» Choice of 2TB bandwidth on a 100mbit port OR 10mbps unmetered connection.
» 2 usable IPs

Only $69.95 per month with FREE setup. Limited quantities.

Optional Add-Ons
» cPanel license: +$25.95 per month
» 10mbps unmetered bandwidth: FREE
» 30mbps unmetered bandwidth: +$19.95 per month
» 100mbps unmetered bandwidth: +$49.95 per month
» Secondary 500GB drive: +$19.95 per month
» Extra IPs: +$1.50 per IP per month
» 4GB Extra RAM: +$14.95 per month

SLAs and Guarantees
» 100% network uptime
» 100% power uptime
» 100% cooling uptime
» Server setup in 24 hours or less, Monday-Friday

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Remember to use promo code WHT50 for 50% off your first bill!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean to 'lease-to-own'?
With our lease-to-own servers, after 12 months of service with all invoices paid you own the hardware. That means after 12 months you have the option to continue hosting the server with us or even re-locate your hardware to another facility if you so choose.

Will the monthly rate change after 12 months?
Your monthly hosting rate does not change after the 12 month period.

What happens in the event of hardware failure?
If a component fails on your server during the first 12 months of service--we will cover the replacement. If after 12 months something fails on your server and you've opted to take ownership of your server hardware, then you must pay for the replacement hardware. We have plenty of replacement hardware on-site and available reasonable market rates.

Can I customize my system to include more disk space/memory/bandwidth?
Yes! We can add more memory, secondary hard drives or increase your bandwidth allotment. Upgrade options are listed on our website or you may contact sales [at] for a custom quote.

Where is your datacenter?
We are located in Las Vegas, NV.

Test IP?
Feel free to test the IP for our website: 10 Best VPS Hosting Services and Dedicated Servers | Reprise Hosting