"With this contract, we have enough good lineup to Madden NFL 18 Coins meet the huge challenges of the next few months. After the race, we also hope to show our ambition, we have successfully signed Hernandez. "At the same time, and Leverkusen sports director Rudy - Waller also accepted the interview," he Is a spiritual, smart and has a fast forward, his technology is also very good, we can expect a good result at the end of the season.

With Hernandez, our frontcourt will have more changes , I am very happy he can choose Leverkusen, the Bundesliga can expect a great player to come. "In addition, just signed Hernandez also accepted the interview," I know the Cheap Madden Mobile Coins Premier League and La Liga are the three major European league which Second, now, I want to experience the Bundesliga. Before that, I heard a lot of things about Germany, where there are unique fans and a huge stadium, the

Bundesliga to me there is a very big attraction, I now Of course, I know that Leverkusen has reached the Champions League race, which for me is a good opportunity, where I can achieve their own ideals. "2015-16 The season's Premier League continues to compete in the fourth round. Swansea team sits home free kick against Manchester United. The first half of the game, Swansea team and Manchester United to maintain 0-0 level into the halftime.

But in the middle of the maddenvip game, Swansea 4 minutes three times to create a threat to shoot, which Gomi's shot also hit the column pop up. Manchester United had 12 times off the pilot Swan West team only made 2 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses record completely downwind. Last season, Swansea team is double to kill Manchester United, thus becoming the only team last season to take 6 points in Manchester United team.