Let us proudly present hosting services, established in 2011 in Switzerland.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Data Center: Interxion in Zurich, Switzerland

Great geographic location combined with a personal approach to each customer, contribute to exceptional level of service.

Along with advantages of a comprehensive service you get by default:

- An access to a state of the art server facility, available for rent
- A network, ready to with stand an attack near 400 Gigabit per second
- Cutting edge technology from the leading hosting companies
- Personal approach in problem solving and remote automated operation means
- Private data protection policy in compliance with Swiss Federal Data Protection Act

Our company runs on your satisfaction. Server & Cloud have met challenges and set the highest objectives in order to meet the demands in a round-the-clock seamless running of your resources for a years ahead.

Our website: https://server-cloud.com
Please, contact our Live Chat 24/7 with all your questions.
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The attributes of a network core:

- Failsafe equipment manufactured by Juniper, Cisco, Arista, Solidfire, Supermicro, A10 Networks.
- Communications channel with the main bandwidth providers delivering web-resources to the most remote locations around the world.
- Ability to automatically detect and mitigate any type of a DDoS attack, in real time.

The companys management oversees the process and creates solutions for a traffic filtering in relation to a DDoS attack.

Our promise:

- We are ready for a future to come, making a thorough research and taking into account the most well-designed know-hows, as well as innovations.
- Superior server configurations at the lowest price, regional.
- Failover VPS and cloud services powered by SSD SAN (Solidfire) and hybrid HDD/SSD/RAM SAN powered by ZFS.
- Top Latency markers, only Premium traffic.
- Uptime 99.99%

[+] Cloud - Cloud hosting for a new level of convenience in infrastructure management.

Cloud hosting framework Server & Cloud is based on a failsafe hardware system of a data storage with multiple backups and randomizing SSD RAM of disk operations.

Cloud network is build using only 10 GbE network interfaces and hardware from Juniper, Arista (switch template with an ultra-low latency in transmission of the software packets).

Interestingly, even the most basic VPS gets a network connection of 10 Gb without any restrictions.

Unlike the VPS, the Cloud allows you to get resources, create your virtual machines, and utilize them in different configurations using a convenient control panel of cloud infrastructure management - Onapp.


Cloud hosting is recommended for use in the Enterprise environment, it is expensive than the similar in resources, the VPS. However its controllability of a large quantity of virtual machines is significantly superior.

Some call this service a Virtual Datacenter.

[+] Sales and Discounts!

Only for you, dear clients, just because you've got to this part, we offer a permanent discount of 20%
Expiration date: 13.06.2015

[+]Our company has a lot to offer!

- Content Delivery Network (a system for the downloading optimization of the websites and video files)
- Bittorrent Sync (service of a data storage using protocol BtSync)
- Colocation (the placement of your network equipment in our data center or a purchasing equipment by your request)
- Protection from the DDoS attacks of any level, any type or complexity.

Our web site: https://server-cloud.com/
Please, contact our Live Chat 24/7 with all your questions.
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[+] Payment methods (no wait time)

Credit Cards
Virtual money: Paypal, QIWI, Webmoney, Perfect Money
Exotic: BTC, NXT, LTC
Bank payment.