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    The Importance of Blogging in SEO

    Blogging regularly is an excellent tool for attracting new customers to your business. It can also contribute positively to your search engine optimization efforts. Search engines regularly trawl the internet looking for sites that satisfy two of the most important factors: Authority Relevancy - Keeping these elements in mind, here are four ways your blog can improve your page ranking on search engines.

    Answering Your Customers Questions

    Speak to your existing customers and find out what attracted them to use your services. It's likely that they had a particular problem that you had the ability to solve for them.

    Use their answers to create posts that answer these questions. If someone is looking for an answer to a similar problem, your post is more likely to appear in the search results.

    Providing answers to people's problems for makes your content RELEVANT!

    Producing High-Quality Content

    Put some careful thought and effort into every blog you post. The information you present should satisfy these two essential criteria in order to attain high quality:

    Useful: Base your blog posts on information that your customers can really use. Educate them on an aspect of your industry. Or keep them up to date with developments that may affect them.

    Unique: Your blog posts don't always have to be original, but they should be unique. Even if you're covering a topic that has been written about before, try to offer the reader a different take on the subject.

    Creating quality content that is useful and unique makes you an AUTHORITY in your field!

    Using Keywords Intelligently
    Every time you create a new blog post you are effectively adding another page to your website. Think about some keywords that you'd like to rank well for and research them on the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

    This will give you a clear idea of the number of people who are looking for the keywords you're using. You may come across alternative phrases that will yield better results. Use these keywords in your title and sub-headings. Create keyword-rich links to appropriate sales pages on your website.

    Clever use of KEYWORDS will make it easier for search engines to find your content!

    Sharing on Social Platforms

    It's always a good idea to add share buttons to your blogs. This makes it easier for people to share your content. Although many of these are 'no-follow' links-meaning they won't have a direct influence on you search rankings-they can contribute in other ways.

    An influencer in your field could come across your blog post and mention it on their social media channels. This exposes you to more potential customers. It will also help drive traffic to your website, which in turn can have a positive effect on your page ranking.

    Getting attention on social media DRIVES TRAFFIC and BUILDS AWARENESS!

    Having a blog that is regularly updated with useful content can make a real difference to your search result ranking.
    Consider your blog as an integral part of your overall SEO marketing plan. You will soon reap the rewards!
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    Re: The Importance of Blogging in SEO

    Blogging is also a way to promote your business freely. POsting valuable content can also establish credibility that will reflect also on your business.

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    Re: The Importance of Blogging in SEO

    Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an area that most bloggers will never get into in any real depth.

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    Re: The Importance of Blogging in SEO

    Very informative post thanks for sharing.

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    Re: The Importance of Blogging in SEO

    Blogging helps to promote your content in search engines. They help to optimize your keywords and build more traffic to your website. They also help to rank keywords higher in search engines and build your domain authority in Google.
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