You will be allowed to place direct product marketing links on advertisements
This is a serious violation of Google's policies, which can lead to the disabling of Google Adwords. But not with Bing account
It gives you the opportunity to choose from a marketing perspective with Bing Ads.
Why choose ClickBank with Bing Ads
This is just a combination. ClickBank has a variety of digital products and any object can become a customer. So you can freely choose the product for marketing. At the same time, the ClickBank marketer requirements are not as difficult as other marketing networks. Some marketing networks require you to have your own website or you must have traffic sources before signing up for their network. Or, as the CPA offers you will have to explain a lot of information to be accepted by them. But with ClickBank you do not need this. Therefore, the new people involved in affiliate marketing always choose ClickBank as the first place to experience, search for products, learn the market, and get rich by ClickBank.
We provide quality Bing accounts
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