I've read a post about Boosting your Posts on Facebook. I do not understand it as clearly as I want to. I have my own bussiness and I don't know how can I promote my products without boosting my posts. It's confuse me. Does anyone have the experience? Please help! Thanks a lot!

"Facebook is genius for putting that Boost Post button on every single post, making it so easy to get started. Really as marketers we should all take note. Make it easy for your customers to give you money and you have yourself a winning business model. If you donít already, you need to think of yourself like a marketer, not just a Facebook Admin!!
But letís get back to YOUR business.

So let me tell you what you need to know so you can decide if it's right for you to click this button. Here is what to do, and in this order.

1. Make a strategy for your posts. When I first start working with a client I ask a series of questions. I need to know what their call to action is or what do you want the customer to do? Do you want them to make a phone call, walk into the store, purchase online, fill out a form? We begin with the end in mind.

2. Find out the pain points of the current customers. What kind of questions do prospects have? Make a list of the top 10 questions you get. Now youíve got lots to talk about!

3. What is your story? How are you going to tell it? Why was the company started? Who started it? What kind of people work there? What service projects does the company do? Who are the customers they serve? All of these answers will give you ideas about how to tell the story on the business page through posts. You can make short or long posts. You can use videos and images of your customers or even employees.

4. Now it's time to plan. Take a blank calendar and lay out your posts that give value by answering questions of the prospects, talks about the pains you solve, and tell the story of your business."