I'm posting this because I see so many entry-level questions being asked, and the resource i'm about to show you will answer all of those questions a lot faster than a forum will; you can also guarantee the info is entirely relevant to 2015's SEO standards / best-practices.

Take a second to read what I'm about to say, and leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts!

If you're new to IM, and you're looking to learn the proper steps to actually getting a niche site to make some money, you should definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate's free starter account.

No, it's not some scam program that tells you the same rewashed junk you can get anywhere, and no they don't teach black-hat methods.

It's going to get you access to more than enough info to answer all of those first and most basic questions about making money online, and all for entirely free. You don't even need to input any credit card info like 99% of other "free trials" will ask for.

They've been the only program to consistently survive year after year, in fact, they started 10 years ago in 2005, and still operate under the same name. I bet you can't name any other program that can make that same claim, not without being outed as a load of crap like google sniper.

If you have a question about it, ask me here. Or, check out the review in my sig and that should also answer a lot of your initial questions.

I hope this can prove useful to someone! I know that WA helped me A LOT when I was first getting into IM, and I know they can do the same for you.